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Maritime Surveillance in the Northern European Sea Basins

Erstellt am: 21.06.2011 | Stand des Wissens: 21.06.2011
Kurzname:   MARSUNO
Auftraggeber / Förderer:   Europäische Kommission
Auftragnehmer:   Swedish Coast Guard
National Police Board Schweden
Swedish Transport Agency
Geological Survey of Sweden
Swedish Maritime Administration
Finnish Environment Institute
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Finnish Border Guard
Finnish Transport Agency
Federal Public Service Health (Belgium)
Estonian Board of Border Guard
Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
Norwegian Coastal Administration
State Border Guard Service at the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania
Maritime Office in Gdynia (Republic of Poland)
Maritime Regional Unit of the Border Guard (Republic of Poland)
Swedish Customs
Swedish Board of Fisheries
Bundesministerium des Inneren Deutschland
State Border Guard of the Republic of Latvia
General Directorate of Customs and Excise (France)
Délégation Générale pour l'armement
Swedish Armed Forces
French Space Agency
Projektkoordination:   Swedish Coast Guard
Projektvolumen:   > 1.000.000
Laufzeit:   2010/01 bis 2011/12
Projektstand:   abgeschlossen
Raumbezug:   EU-Länder
Veröffentlichung:   [Tol10] Common and improved maritime surveillance
The pilot project supports the policy process of the European Commission to create a Common Information Sharing Environment for the EU maritime domain.
The project will identify the expected gap between various user communities' demand for the exchange of cross-sectoral maritime surveillance data unmatched by current supply. It will further explore the possibility to achieve such data exchange.
The results of the project will feed into an innovative process aiming at overcoming sectoral barriers between maritime user communities in view to optimise the efficiency and the cost of maritime surveillance throughout the EU as requested by the Council on 17th of November 2009.
Europäische Kommission
[Tol10] Tolgfors, Sten Common and improved maritime surveillance, veröffentlicht in Baltic Rim Economies,, Ausgabe/Auflage 1/2010, Nr. 444, 2010

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